It’s been a while since my last writing, lul.

Actually im here just to say some lil shit that always flyin up on my mind and here’s a famous quote that i recently found.


     Always knowing that u’re lilboy no more,  start to think and fckin care about others, u’re no more an independent glorious boy that always getting some attention when u’re crying or down. U must care about universe think about you, building some good image, self-branding, ambitious, good marks starver, and any others personallity that can make ur self human quality level higher than the others.

U start to think about love, lover, and some relations with people that you adore. Lovey dovey quotes scattered around, not often heartbreaks happen, promises broken, and depression starts overwhelming u.

Calmly, Quietly, u enjoying life full of love. Not even a single concernable problems ahead. Suddenly ur lover’s missing somewhere, no more calm and quiet enjoyable life.

Until u realize, that reality really hits u hard. Think u shouldn’t ever think before, Life’s getting rough, many problems ahead, giant obstacle scattered. This is what we must face now, knowing that complains or sambat doesn’t even help u. U need to get stronger and thougher or life will crash you harder. Last but not least.



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